The Female body as a Battlefield

The Female body as a Battlefield Our Bodies, Their Battlefield - 2024

A Multi-Media Exploration of the Female Experience.
This project delves into the powerful concept of the female body as a landscape of struggle and resilience. Through a compelling blend of photography, net art, and documentary footage, it aims to challenge the limited visual landscape surrounding this critical topic. By engaging with movies and document imagery, the project expands the online discourse, offering a richer and more nuanced perspective on this complex issue.
Leveraging the power of imagery, the project aims to spark awareness and ignite conversation on social media, web pages, google searches and even installations. Recognizing the profound impact of visuals, the project transcends the limitations of words, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the viewer.
This multi layered project starts with curated images that act as a launchpad, for discovery.
 These visuals are then reproduced on high quality art paper turning them into artifacts. By modifying the prints through controlled techniques, like bleaching and scratching elements of randomness and physical presence are added, resulting in textures and surprising visual outcomes. Subsequently the adjusted prints are documented through photography giving rise to a story emerging from the fusion of the initial image and the artist's alterations.

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