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Home Pandemic 2020

Sonalika Vakili's work brings us back to an intimate and necessary dimension for these times. Her work explores our deepest feelings experienced in the period of lockdown. The artist analyzes the concept of finding oneself not only with oneself, but in relation to everyday objects. To be resized is our concept of home: the objects around us are not limited to being strangers, but we immerse ourselves in them, and they in us. Sonalika Vakili's art helps us to explore this new dimension.
Art Writer: Francesca Merz
Artist’s Statement: 
In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world fi nds itself in a state of shared confi nement within our own homes. As weeks turn into months, the introspective nature of this crisis becomes increasingly apparent. Each individual, in their own unique way, grapples with this solitude and seeks solace within the confines of their personal lives. For me, this journey of self-discovery takes the form of immersing myself in the objects that fi ll my home—objects that have ceased to serve their conventional purpose as mere consumables.
This deepening connection with the artifacts of my immediate surroundings marks a peculiar and transformative occurrence. As the boundaries between myself and these objects blur, we become intertwined entities, forging a unique bond. The essence of my personal life intertwines with the essence of these objects, intertwining our narratives in ways that were previously unimaginable.

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