Auto Biography

Auto Biography The Year 30| Chapter 3| 2016-2017

Look at the colored spots available in the image for 30 seconds and then look at a white surface and start to blink,
.what you would see is a Positive
This text was derived from Sony company’s advertisement for one of their camera, in year 2012 that inspired me for “ The Year 30” collection.

A collection of sixteen family photos, including those related to times before my birth till those related to nowadays, actually from my mom’s thirties to my own, which seems to represent memories of these decades, but in fact what makes the quiddity and essence of these images is an approach wholly inconsistent and contradictory, fi rst some inverse Polaroid images and then the positive illusion created by staring at colored spots in the images, which will start to reject or accept itself right after seconds and turn portraits in to unfamiliar objects of clad fi gures, portraits which all have become glassy style.
I believe that portraits are not always what demonstrated, because of the space made by the chosen medium and also the virtual communities that place Identities in a completely new state, Identity that moves in today's information society on the path to become transnational, Now this constructed identity with the 30 years of transformation that has occurred in my homeland has led to the formation of a set that represents the memories of the thirty years of life,what is mortal for just a few of blinks, and immortal as much as the image it demonstrates in mind.

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